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Orthopedic Massage Therapy in Dublin

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When something hurts our natural response is to tense up for protection. When one of the primary goals in treatment is to reduce muscle tension, causing reflexive muscle tension in response to pain is counter productive. Current work being shared by World Fascial Congress (www.fasciacongress.org) is revealing startling new insights into the functions of fascia, a previously overlooked tissue, that has massive implications in the field if massage. Incredible research is showing that fascia stiffens to resist excessive force. Aggressive manual therapy causes unnecessary pain, can damage tissue (seen as bruising) and is ultimately less successful in achieving positive therapeutic outcomes. 

What can be treated?

Orthopaedic Massage works by releasing each layer of tissue to access deeper tissues without the need for excessive force, thus avoiding pain while working some of the deepest lying tissues in the body.
Orthopaedic Massage uses a variety of deep-tissue techniques to increase joint mobility, to address muscle imbalance, treat musculoskeletal pain conditions, postural dysfunctions, sub-acute and chronic  sports injuries, overuse and repetitive strain injuries.

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